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  • For sustained speed an power.
  • Boosts buffering of lactic acid in muscle.
  • Scientifically proven by equine human research.

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STORM™ is an exciting breakthrough in sports nutrition for horses.  Just imagine the difference during racing or competition if a horse could sustain its top speed for just an extra few seconds.  STORM™, which is at the cutting edge of nutritional research in horses and human athletes, could be the key.

Lactic acid build up in muscle during any type of fast exercise, or sustained jumping eventually leads horses to tire.   STORM™ helps to slow the process of fatigue by supporting the natural ability of muscle to buffer lactic acid build up.  STORM™ provides a key building block for the synthesis of muscle carnosine, which is an important for buffering lactic acid build up in muscle.

STORM is founded on science
STORM™ is supported by robust published scientific research carried out in both horses and humans.  Unlike some feed supplements, the active ingredients in STORM™ have been shown to be absorbed from the digestive tract. The ingredients in STORM™ have been proven to boost the level of muscle carnosine, the important lactic acid buffer.

A natural component of the diet
STORM™ combines active ingredients that can be found naturally in the horse's diet.  For example, beta-alanine forms part of the B-vitamin pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which is found in both cereals and forages alike.  Enhanced supplementation and improved absorption is needed to efficiently support muscle buffering during exercise.

Protected by patents
The scientific research that underpins the action of STORM™ was carried out in horses by British scientists, and their work led to a series of studies in humans, providing a weight of evidence for its use as a sports supplement for horses.  STORM™ is the only supplement for horses that contains patented beta-alanine, which is protected by global patents covering its use in horses, humans and other species.


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