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Nupafeed Liquid Calmer Extra Strength Syringes are for especially stressful situations. Ideal for competition, travelling, farrier, clipping, etc. Can be used on their own or in conjunction with the liquid.

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How MAH® Works

  • Horses burn off magnesium when they are being stressed/nervous/excited etc.
  • Because of the way we keep our horses, the work that we demand of them and restricted grazing, it is common for horses to burn off more magnesium than their daily intake provides.
  • This results in the magnesium, calcium balance being disrupted, and allows calcium to overload muscle and nerve cells resulting in a rise of adrenaline, sharpness, nervousness, aggression, spookiness, muscle tension etc.
  • Nupafeed MAH Calmer provides the horses with magnesium to burn off so that the correct balance of magnesium and calcium is maintained.

Nupafeed MAH® Plus Syringes work in exactly the same way as the liquid but they are stronger and more concentrated so that they provide a greater amount of the MAH® formula and work more quickly.

Advice on Feeding and Dosage

The ideal routine can vary greatly from horse to horse depending on the amount of work they are doing, and how stressed they become and by what triggers etc. These are some general guidelines for you to work with.
 The MAH® Plus takes 1hr 30mins to absorb (as apposed to the 3hrs required by the liquid). If unsure of timing always allow a bit longer.

  • Syringes must be given in advance of stressful situations, because they act in no way as a sedative they will be ineffective with a horse that has already become wound up. Always think ahead so that your horse has enough magnesium available so that the magnesium, calcium balance is not disrupted.
  • Bear in mind that when you need the syringe to be working may not be when your horse actually begins to be stressful. For instance you may be using the syringe for a dressage competition- you want the syringe to be working for your test but your horse may start getting anxious when being plaited, travelling or worked in. You need to work backward from the point at which your horse starts to get unsettled which is not necessarily when you start working him in.
  • Your horse must be settled and left to relax whilst the MAH® absorbs.
  • The syringes work best on an empty stomach. Ideally, allow any food to digest before administering the MAH® and do not give any large quantities of food afterward.

If your horse is not on the liquid it will normally need two syringes. The idea is that the first fills his reserves and corrects the imbalance which may exist. The second is then available to be burnt off gradually. Administer one syringe 3hrs before, the second 1hr 30mins before. Some horses only require one syringe.


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